Upcoming webinar: Technology Developments in STP and ASRTS

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Progress in Local Communities webinar archive

Did you miss the 2nd webinar in our active travel webinar series? you can access the archive link here!

Active School Travel Webinar Series

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School Travel Planning in High Schools

Read the case study and listen to our archived webinar

It's time to Spring into Spring!

Choose a week in April, May or June to walk or wheel to school!

Congratulations on a successful Winter Walk Day 2013!

Schools across Ontario participated in Winter Walk Day, read their success stories!

Are you ready for Winter Walk Day 2013?

February 6th is Winter Walk Day in Canada!

Wheeling to School pilot project

A collaborative project between Share the Road and Green Communities Canada, assessing barriers to cycling to school

Ride and Drive with Care

Share the Road Cycling Coalition is launching its “Ride and Drive with Care” program