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iwalk-iwheel club

Please note - this active school travel activity is only available to schools in Ontario.

iwalk-iwheel club is a fun activity for schools and communities who are working to encourage more families to use active travel to school more often. The iwalk-iwheel theme complements initiatives like walk-wheel on Wednesdays or walk-wheel once a week, walking school buses, and can be incorporated into seasonal events like October’s International Walk to School, February’s Winter Walk Day, and Spring into Spring.

iwalk-iwheel club Resources

Classroom activity ideas that complement the iwalk-iwheel club, for download:

The iwalk-iwheel club is not just for those families who live close enough to the school to walk or cycle. All students can participate, even those that travel on school buses:

  • students who come to school on a school bus can participate in related in-school activities such as Kilometre Club, Walking Club or community walks

  • students who take transit already have to walk part way, so they qualify

  • students who have to be driven can encourage their parents to park safely and 'walk a block' (schools are encouraged to set up 'walk-a-block' zones around their school; students who are unable to walk all the way to school can still qualify for a stamp on their club card if they have walked at least from the start of the 'walk-a-block' zone.  Walk-a-block zones are typically a minimum of two full blocks from the school.  Local municipalities can work with schools to identify suitable areas.)

The iwalk-iwheel club is made possible thanks to a donation from the Canadian Automobile Association’s South Central Ontario region.